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Our Company is based on the enthusiasm of a young and dynamic entrepreneur,
Mr. Enrico Koclu, who was only 21 when he started to trade high-level equipment for the plastic industry after a challenging and successful training period in the textile industry.

Mr. Koclu established a well-spread network of cooperators all over Italy and Europe to guarantee rapid and adequate replies to the Clients inquiring for second-hand equipment, creating in little time a successful business that's still growing and reaching new markets month after month.

Unlike what some people might think, buying and selling equipment is not a merely mechanical operation of "playing with numbers": it takes knowledge and experience to evaluate a piece of equipment properly, arrange its upgrade and compliance with the safety norms and, if required, to refurbish it: these are just some of the services that Eko Gruppo is capable of providing, in addition to the seriousness and cordiality that we always treat our esteemed Clients with.

At the beginning of 2013, Eko Gruppo and its CEO Enrico Koclu, has established a close collaboration of partnership with a famous manufacturer of machinery for bubble wrap and cast stretch lines, directing exclusive division used. This collaboration has had a period of one year very great success, selling in the first six months more than 12 plants in bubble wrap and stretch lines, thus bringing Eko Gruppo to worldwide exposure in the extrusion sector.

After over two years of great success, Eko Gruppo has decided to end its cooperation and to pursue her way in the world of used alone, continuing its successful purchase in the market with the only forces and ingenio its CEO Enrico Koclu as the beginning of his career.

Eko Gruppo, from 2016, is more proud than ever of his choice, thanks to its huge experience gained over the years in the sale of equipment of high quality and providing its customers with all services such as disassembly, assembly and start-up thanks to its expert staff and he can declare with proud to be the undisputed leader in the sale of used machines for bubble wrap and cast stretch lines. Its CEO, to date 27-year-old, covers a large part of the market with its systems with the future goal of becoming the undisputed leader in the world of flexo lines and blown film.

(YEAR 1993)
Cod. EM10986

Blown Film Extrusion Line

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"Proud to be the first in the selling of used air bubble and stretch film extrusion lines"