Our Company is based on the enthusiasm of a young and dynamic entrepreneur, Mr. Enrico Koclu, who was only 21 when he started to trade high-level equipment for the plastic industry after a challenging and successful training period in the textile industry.

Mr. Ibrahim Koclu, Co-founder and president of the textile association in Bursa, a famous Turkish industrial city for textile production, back in 1945, was one of the first entrepreneurs to open a textile company in the district, with enormous success. The son Erdem Koclu, as well as the father of our CEO, continuing with the second generation, has expanded the family factory leading to over 130 looms and two production properties. Furthermore, Mr. Erdem Koclu is famous throughout Turkey, for being the first ever to commercialize textile machinery exclusively between the Italian and Turkish market, introducing cutting-edge technologies to the Turkish market with the first automatic industrial looms.

Mr. Koclu, by now the third generation, establishing itself strongly in the Packaging sector, established instead a well-spread network of cooperators all over Italy and all Europe to guarantee rapid and adequate replies to the Clients inquiring for second-hand equipment, creating in little time a successful business that's still growing and reaching new markets month after month.

Unlike what some people might think, buying and selling equipment is not a merely mechanical operation of "playing with numbers": it takes knowledge and experience to evaluate a piece of equipment properly, arrange its upgrade and compliance with the safety norms and, if required, to refurbish it: these are just some of the services that Eko Gruppo is capable of providing, in addition to the seriousness and cordiality that we always treat our esteemed Clients with.


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EKO GRUPPO, thanks to its expert staff and years of experience of hard work in the market, if the customer asks, can guarantee the service of disassembly of any typology of system, from extrusion to more complicated paper machines, present in wherever part of the world. To this end, we have technical garments and mechanical, electronic / software engineers, electricians, with a massive experience in disassembling but also reassembly, strart-up and training. Our staff, can follow step by step all the requirements of our customers in order to start the machine, just purchased, as soon as possible and start production.

EKO GRUPPO not only can provide the service of dismantling, loading and transportation, but also to reassemble the system in the new site of the purchaser. Also for this purpose, we have highly qualified staff with a massive experience satisfying all the demands of its customers. We are experts in following the entire sales process. From the commercial side, always trying to satisfy our customer by offering excellent machines of the highest quality, of recent construction, at the most reasonable price, but above all we work on behalf of the customer in order to disassemble the machine and reassemble it at his factory to start his production as soon as possible.

We can ensure successfully starting line to help its customers in the early stages of production after the installation, and can perform a training of customer's personnel so that they can understand all the basic tools of the machine and various productions carried by the just purchased line. We are always on the side of our customers, and we thank them for believing in us by giving us their trust, and we believe it is the minimum to repay them with all our efforts, to allow them to increase and enlarge their business. We like to be not only their commercial service providers, but we like to be considered their first fans. Because for us customer success comes first, and being part of their successes has always been and will be always our strength.

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