Tyres Treatment Plants
14 Luglio 2021
Recycling Plants PET_PP_PE – waste
14 Luglio 2021
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Washing Treatment Plants

Shredded waste material enters the washing line as contaminated and is first conveyed through a friction washer for cold water cleansing of light contaminants such as paper. The next step is drying the material stream and separating dust and sand through a mechanical dryer. To remove adhesives from labels instead, another washing stage may be required. In a continuous hot washer the flakes are soaked in a mixture of hot water washing solution, followed by a friction washer where the material is rinsed. In a sink-float tank the flakes separation from the lighter plastics and lastly the mechanical dryer will dewater the final flakes. There are various Washing treatments plants for different industries such as: Film recycling PE/PP; Bottle-to-bottle recycling PET; Paper and cardboard recycling; Food grade HDPE and Mixed plastics recycling, Etc.

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