14 Luglio 2021
Air Bubble Extrusion Line
14 Luglio 2021
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Blown Film Extrusion Line

The Blown film extrusion lines are used to extrude plastic films for flexible packaging industry. The process begin commonly through the melt of the granulates into an extruder and pushed through a circular die modeling it in the form of a tube. Subsequently This tube is carefully inflated and simultaneously cooled in its interior and on the exterior surface through the use of an air ring. A set of collapsing guides are then used to collapse the bubble into two, more defined, layers within closer proximity, a series of nip rollers flatten the layers together to form a two-layered plastic film that is then wound onto a cylindrical roll for packaging purposes. Raw material most used are low density polyethylene (LDPE) and High density polyethylene (HDPE). Film produced with this kind of line have most applications from film for bags, to shrink film, lamination film, stretch hoods, PE film for packaging, barrier and many others.
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